Serenity amidst the swaying coconut trees, a peaceful getaway with a touch of kampung ambience.

Tanjung Sutera Resort is located 40 metres above sea level in the East Coast of Johor, Malaysia. Once a coconut plantation, it spans a hilly area of more than 20 acres of land, overlooking the true blue South China Sea.


Fill the duration of your stay by experiencing these activities first hand.

F O A M   A I R C R A F T  G L I D I N G

The rare contour of our cliff face allows this exhilarating sport to take place. Seasonal winds attract the usual crowd, as well as newcomers who want to test their skill in gliding.
*Guests are to bring their own equipment


As the perfect time of the season rolls in, gliders from all over converge at our resort to take advantage of the updrafts and glide over the vast plantation that surrounds the cove.
*Guests are to bring their own equipment

E C O   T R A I L S

Our rocky beach stretches all the way to Temala Beach. Trek to Temala, or explore around the rocks at low tide to find a diverse eco-system of  reef dwelling sea creatures.
*Guests are to bring their own equipment

B I R D   W A T C H I N G

For those who prefer a spot of bird watching, fret not, for the dense jungle that surrounds the resort is a habitat for a myriad of different species’ of birds.
*Guests are to bring their own equipment

O F F   R O A D   D R I V I N G

The winding trails deep within the jungle caters to the adventurous at heart. Guests drive in their own 4WDs to bash through the dense jungles.

R I V E R   K A Y Y A K I N G

Paddle through the intricate Sedili River system with our in-house canoes. Single and double seater canoes are available to optimize your experience.